K3S Welcomes Gummer Wholesale!

 Here we grow again! K3S is excited to announce the addition of another well-respected wholesaler to our growing list of customers. Gummer Wholesale is a convenience and food distributor headquartered in Heath, OH. The addition of Gummer Wholesale goes a long way toward ensuring K3S remains the premier replenishment package on the market.

K3S Welcomes Myers-Cox!

 K3S is pleased to announce the addition of Myers-Cox to our impressive list of convenience store customers. Myers-Cox is a family run distributor headquartered in Peosta, IA.

Partnering with Myers-Cox allows K3S to expand further into the Midwest and continues to solidify K3S as a premier provider of replenishment solutions throughout North America.

K3S-Replenish R5.1 has been shipped out!

One of the things that makes K3S unique is that all of our customers are kept current on the latest release of our software, whether they are hosted or installed locally.  Every January we update our customers to the latest release, including any enhancements.  This helps us ensure that we continue to offer the most…

The Inventory Iceberg

Could the cost of carrying inventory sink your company? In 1912, the Titanic left England on it’s way to New York, but it never made it. The iceberg it hit in the North Atlantic, by most estimates, was only small to medium sized. But the message that iceberg sent was clear: No matter how large the…