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Master The Elements Of Properly Buying Inventory In Your Supply Chain

Inventory is one of the largest assets and investments for your warehouse. The success and failure of your company may ultimately depend on how your inventory is managed. While there are many different areas to consider when managing your inventory investment, one important area that can often be neglected is the Inventory Buying Process. Since 1990, K3S has helped create profitable warehouses by providing smarter procurement / purchasing tools for their inventory through Systems of Insight (SoI), transforming buyers into Inventory Analysts, and allowing them to fill more orders with less inventory.


K3S Fills More Orders With Less Inventory

Advanced Demand Forecasting

The tools provided by K3S utilize cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning to give an accurate forecast your users can trust.

Freight Optimization

K3S software utilizes the EOQ model and Constraint Order Analysis to find the optimal order cycles for your suppliers leading to increased profits.

Forward Buying Savings

Want to kick your company profits into high-gear? The automated forward-buy feature will enable you to take advantage of deals while minimizing risk.

30 Years Experience

K3S has helped warehouses just like yours replenish inventory smarter with a unique blend of purchasing tools and consulting services since 1990.

Increase Service Levels

As one of our customers put it, “Too much inventory costs you money. Not having enough will cost you, customers.”

Strong Customer Relationships

At K3S, we believe in providing software, consulting, premium education, and support to ensure success for all of our customers.

Time Savings

The right tools make all the difference. K3S has proven to reduce the amount of labor needed to purchase inventory by more than 40%!

Extensive Education

What good is a software package if you don’t know how to use it? K3S-University exists to ensure you have the resources you need to use our advanced tools.

How Much Does Your Inventory Cost Your Company?

How much do you think it costs to carry inventory in your warehouse?  Like an iceberg, the bulk of your carrying cost lies hidden below the water. This is the part of the iceberg that can sink your company if not recognized soon enough.

Click below to explore some of the areas that contribute to the total cost of carrying inventory and why it is important to remember them as you consider the amount of inventory you can comfortably carry.

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