Month: October 2019

The Inventory Iceberg

In 1912, the Titanic left England on it’s way to New York, but it never made it. The iceberg it hit in the North Atlantic, by most estimates, was only small to medium-sized. But the message that iceberg sent was clear: No matter how large the ships, or how great their engineering, they were not immune …

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3 Ways purchasing through spreadsheets costs you money

“Too much inventory costs you money. Not having enough, will cost you customers.” ~Rick Fine, President of Duncan Supply The most efficient, effective, and profitable distributors use an advanced inventory package to help them purchase their inventory because it makes a tremendous difference in their bottom line! But maybe you know that purchasing with spreadsheets is not …

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K3S to Attend the SLD

For several years, K3S has been active in an organization called the Southern Association of Wholesale Distributors. This is a regional trade organization for convenience distributors serving the Southeast.  Each fall, the host a meeting called the SLD (Southern Leadership Division) Business Resource Meeting.  Unlike the annual tradeshow, this event places a strong focus on leadership skills, …

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