K3S Launches a modern new interface

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Over the last 20 years, K3S customers have come to depend on the advanced mathematics in our software to help them effectively run their warehouse and stores.  Due to the fact we keep all of our customers on the same release, one of the unique advantages of being a K3S customer has always been having access to the most advanced tools in the marketplace.  This year, we are excited to announce an even greater benefit that our K3S-Customers can look forward to!  We will be releasing a new, modern interface to our software, called K3S-Replenish R6!

This project has been underway for several years and some of our customers had even gotten sneak-peeks at it over the years at the K3S-Users Conference.  We have now started to roll it out in actual customer environments!  This is a huge deal for several reasons including:

  1. It’s easier to learn:  By including “wizards” and helpful tips, customers have been able to learn R6 faster than ever before!
  2. It’s easier to navigate:  By “reimagining” the interface of K3S-Replenish, we were able to make the navigation through the system more intuitive.  All of the functions our customers have relied on are right there at the click of a button!
  3. It’s “future-ready.”  This interface is designed to be platform-independent. That means you could even do the purchasing for your organization on a tablet if you’d like!
  4. It’s more effective!  The tools used to build this interface allow us greater flexibility to highlight the areas of need in your organization.  By identifying these areas and providing tools to address them, R6 provides more immediate results!

For more information on how R6 can help your company, feel free to reach out to us!

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