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K3S Will Help Your Company Fill More Orders With Less Inventory

Reduce Excess Inventory

Smarter demand forecasting, seasonal forecasts, and advanced safety stock calculations mean you will carry the right amount of inventory in your warehouse.

Achieve Time Savings

Accurate forecasts, lead time forecasts, and advanced order building tools lead to a 40% reduction in the time you will spend placing orders.

Raise Service Levels

The whole point of having inventory in your warehouse is the ability to fill orders. K3S helps you fill more orders…with the right amount of stock.

Flexible Implementation

ERPs do not give the purchasing function the attention it deserves. That is why we integrate with any ERP to vastly improve the purchasing processes offered.

Superior Education Curriculum

What good is a software package if you don’t know how to use it? K3S-University exists to ensure our clients have the resources they need to use our advanced tools.

Increase Your Profits

Excess carrying costs, stockouts, and wasted time can rob your company of precious resources. Efficient purchasing practices add to your bottom line.

K3S Solutions

Inventory Warehouse Aisle

Replenish - Warehouse

Replenish is an advanced inventory purchasing software for your warehouse offered in the cloud.

Clerks at a store counter

ReStore - Retail

ReStore is an automated retail replenishment solution offered in the cloud.

K3S-Replenish Inventory Buying Software

Education and Training

K3S University is a resource for accounts. We help users maximize the results of our robust software.

K3S Inventory Buying Consulting


With the unique challenges that come with all industries, K3S Inventory Experts are here to help your business.

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