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What is ReStore?

ReStore is an advanced inventory procurement / purchasing System of Insight (SoI) that allows distributors and retailers to manage inventory of individual retail locations. ReStore generates forecasts for each store down to the product based on demand, seasonality, and individual trend history. While leveraging the power of an advanced algorithmic replenishment system, previously only available at the distributor level, customers can offer incredible value and efficiency to their own retail locations.

Core and advanced capabilities

The core and advanced capabilities of ReStore exist to help users manage what is known as the Buying Process. The Buying Process is a method by which distributors and retail stores evaluate customer demand and thus purchase the appropriate inventory level.

The resources, time, and expertise required to excel at buying are not as intuitive as one might think. Every single business engages in the Buying Process whether they choose to apply advanced strategies — or not. The good news is that the science of forecasting, replenishment, and buying has advanced to a point where we can now take control of buying and optimizing inventory.

Most stores do not have the computer infrastructure or data acquisition abilities to manage inventory properly. One of the weaknesses of Point-Of-Sale is that it only tracks inventory sold. To properly forecast what a retail location needs to replenish, it will be important to realize the amount of inventory used in addition to what is sold.

Warehouse distributors have the infrastructure, data acquisition, and computer systems to properly replenish a store as it does this for this warehouse already.

What results can you expect?

Greater Customer
Increased Demand
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