Why K3S?

Our Mission

“At K3S, it is our mission to help our customers fill more orders with less inventory. We help them accomplish this by teaching them to efficiently navigate the Inventory Buying Process. Through our unique blend of experience, tools, services, and education, we help our customers increase profits, achieve higher service levels, reduce labor, and maintain lean inventory.”

A Word From Our Founder

“When I started K3S in 1990, I set out on a mission to provide the most effective warehouse replenishment solutions on the market to companies of all sizes. I've never focused on being the largest software company, only in being the best. Since the beginning, I placed a much larger emphasis on customer service and training than my competition. This has allowed us to create incredibly loyal customers. As K3S has grown, we have focused on building our team with people who share the same philosophy. We can’t be successful unless our customers are!”

K3S Founder King III

Core Values

High Quality




Strong Customer Relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

King III Solutions has been called many names and nicknames. You may have heard us referred to as K3, KS3, KS6, K6, or a number of variations, but we often refer to ourselves as K3S.

K3S focuses on helping the procurement and purchasing department of warehouse distributors fill more orders with less inventory through analytical demand forecasting and demand planning.

K3S optimizes inventory for customers with revenue from 25 million to 42 billion.

Yes, K3S offers a software product, Replenish, which is helpful for warehouses to manage their inventory levels.

Yes, K3S offers software, ReStore, to help distributors manage inventory for their retail stores.

K3S uses multiple algorithms with machine learning to help create an effective forecast specific to each product. 

K3S uses the forecast for each product to determine how much time supply is needed for each supplier to reach the proper service levels. From this calculation, K3S can determine the EOQ for each product to create accurate, efficient orders.

K3S will calculate and suggest an order using your historical product demand, lead times (based on order receipts), service level targets, and safety stock requirements. We also consider seasonality, order constraints, forward buying, and several other factors.

K3S can help your warehouses manage and transfer inventory between locations in a single level or a multi-echelon structure including hub and spoke.

K3S is able to interface into any ERP system that users have data access to. This includes, but is not limited to: SAP, CDR, Oracle, NetSuite, NCR (Retalix), Microsoft AX, DPS Extend, Turning Point, as well as several custom and home grown systems.

K3S is a United States based corporation servicing customers throughout North and South America with English as a first language and Spanish as a second language.

Absolutely! You never know when one of our furry friends will show up at a Zoom meeting.

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