Why K3S?

Our Mission

“At K3S, it is our mission to help our customers fill more orders with less inventory. We help them accomplish this by teaching them to efficiently navigate the Inventory Buying Process. Through our unique blend of experience, tools, services, and education, we help our customers increase profits, achieve higher service levels, reduce labor, and maintain lean inventory.”

A Word From Our Founder

“When I started K3S in 1990, I set out on a mission to provide the most effective warehouse replenishment solutions on the market to companies of all sizes. I've never focused on being the largest software company, only in being the best. Since the beginning, I placed a much larger emphasis on customer service and training than my competition. This has allowed us to create incredibly loyal customers. As K3S has grown, we have focused on building our team with people who share the same philosophy. We can’t be successful unless our customers are!”

King Harrison III
K3S Founder King III

Core Values

High Quality




Strong Customer Relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

Very carefully. Actually, on a basic level, K3S uses an algorithm called “Adaptive Exponential Smoothing.” The algorithm uses all of the historical data with more emphasis placed on the most recent demand history. Also, our machine learning and “artificial intelligence” allow us to identify trends and seasonality to ensure no matter what your demand does, we are ready!

Absolutely! Calculating accurate lead times can be just as important as precise demand forecasting. It is challenging to know how much you will sell if it does not arrive when you think it will. 

Of course! We know your goals are to grow. Our software contains the tools to help you succeed in your company growth. Whether you have multiple locations today or have plans to expand in the future, K3S can help! We handle overstock transfers, hub-and-spoke, and multi-echelon purchasing with ease!

We use a special K3S crystal ball. Just kidding. Our pricing is individually built based on your unique needs.  Our subscription model allows us to create a pricing structure that works for everyone!

Almost certainly, yes.  We have built Replenish to interface with just about any ERP out there.  We pass all of our files back and forth throughout the day via simple .csv files, which are pretty universally accepted.

We control inventory at the product level. Since our forecasting is far more accurate, we suggest only enough safety stock for each item to ensure you fill your orders and handle any demand variation. Some of your fast movers likely need very little safety stock because of demand stability. Some slow movers may need very little because you don’t need as high of a service level. But it is different for each product.

Since you will not be forecasting demand, lead-times, and safety stock and then building orders manually, K3S offers tremendous time savings. Our customers routinely see labor savings above 40%!

You bet! This feature has been built right into our software from the very beginning. If you order from Alternate Sources or diverters, K3S can shop those suppliers against your regular supplier and create suggested orders right into your normal replenishment. It can provide acquisition cost savings of up to 50%!

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