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Training With K3S University

Why is training so important when it comes to software?

Without direction, you can not truly maximize the results of robust software. That is why our technical and training teams work with your company for one year to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of our K3S Inventory Buying Software. 

K3S Education and Training

K3S has created K3S University to help you become your best at buying with K3S-Replenish and K3S-Restore. The focus of K3S-U is on K3S Best Practices and how you can utilize them for success. We are here to guide you in your journey to go from buyer to Inventory Analyst.

What results can you expect?

K3S University
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Replenish - Warehouse

Replenish is an advanced inventory purchasing software for your warehouse offered in the cloud.

Clerks at a store counter

ReStore - Retail

ReStore is an automated retail replenishment solution offered in the cloud.

K3S Inventory Buying Consulting


With the unique challenges that come with all industries, K3S Inventory Experts are here to help your business.